Now Introducing Special Flat Rate Virtual Paralegal Services for Personal Injury Attorneys!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what your hard costs are for all of the big stages of your personal injury cases? I think so too! That’s why I now offer flat rate packages for the big stages in your personal injury cases. Let me take you from drafting and sending a demand letter via certified mail; to drafting and e-filing a Complaint in Odyssey or PeachCourt with initial discovery; all the way to answering discovery with the Plaintiff. All for one flat rate price, and you can pay as we go.

Other Project Specialties:

Have you just received a file from another law firm and need someone to review the medical bills and records and create a medical chronology and medical billing summary? Do you need the paralegal to review the records and identify other potential facilities or doctors visited, along with missing bills and records that you need to request? This is called a case work-up, and I can do them for you for an hourly rate billed in six minute increments.

Maybe you need a deposition summary (straight summary by page and line or separated out by topic); non-party requests for production; or other fact record review project such as evaluating discovery deficiencies in your defendant’s document production.

Contact me today to receive pricing details and further instructions! Your bill will be sent to you via PayPal at the time of project delivery and due within five business days.

Please understand that I am prohibited by law from working with the general public on any legal matters. I only provide paralegal support to attorneys in good standing with their state bar. Queries from anyone other than an attorney to engage in legal work will not be returned.  

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