How to Tell if the Paralegal’s Journal is Not For You

Keeping a work journal is not for everyone. It requires you to be accountable and plan. If you meet any of the following characteristics, let’s face it. You and the Paralegal’s Journal may just not be a fit:

  • ˜      You are complacent in your job and only care about doing enough to not get fired.
  • ˜      You don’t have five minutes in the morning to plan (yet somehow you manage to lose an hour or more everyday between social media; taking breaks; making and receiving personal phone calls; and going to lunch).
  • ˜      You don’t like keeping records of your achievements and goals. Or maybe you don’t have any to track.  
  • ˜      You don’t think the journal will help serve as irrefutable evidence of why you are asking for a raise.
  • ˜      You think the Paralegal’s Journal is designed to be a replacement for your firm’s case management/calendaring software.
  • ˜      You like starting your morning in chaos – without a clear list of priority items to achieve that day. 

However, if you meet any of these characteristics, maybe the Paralegal’s Journal is designed exactly for you:

  • ˜      You understand the productivity principle of achieving the three most important tasks first thing each day.
  • ˜      You take pride in your personal achievements and love to set goals.
  • ˜      You want to keep a hard copy personal record of your achievements so they do not become lost in a third-party’s software or otherwise electronically compromised.
  • ˜      You believe in the importance and power of presenting specific tangible proof when asking for a raise.
  • ˜      You hate wasting time, and understand that you are not helping serve clients if you waste firm time.
  • ˜      You get a sense of purpose and happiness from recording your achievements each day, and it helps you stay positive in the law office.

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