Paralegal Life: A Look Inside the Paralegal’s Journal

Just sharing a look inside the life of a Paralegal so far on a Monday morning.

The Paralegal’s Journal is designed with prompts that are broken out into three primary topic sections of a paralegal’s work life that include: tasks; information/people to contact; and documents to obtain. Jamie Whitmer, a virtual paralegal and creator of this journal, has found that she is most effective at work if she applies a basic productivity principle of focusing first thing on three medium-to-large sized work projects per day, and thought that you might be the same! Your priority items for tomorrow are best determined at the end of your current working day. To the high achievers of the world, Jamie says: “Don’t worry!” There is plenty of room left in the notes section if you have extra time to log more projects after you have completed your top three tasks.

What does your task list look like?

An efficiency tip from a paralegal:  “Pick your top three tasks and get them done first!”  

Prioritizing your day will save you time and energy, and can also help keep you motivated and focused throughout your work day. The indexing system inside the Paralegal’s Journal also aids in reflection and planning throughout the year. The last few pages of the Paralegal’s Journal come with marked pages that have been indexed for you. Topics include: Major Projects – Goals Achieved; Continuing Education; Networking / Associations; Vendors; and Contacts. 

Jamie has often thought to herself: “I document, therefore I am.” It is her hope that this Paralegal’s Journal not only makes you feel better about your progress at work, but that it will also serve as a useful tool for you for performance evaluations. The software you use at work to manage tasks and deadlines cannot be relied upon to measure your contributions or value. What of your individual accomplishments? If you do not personally note them, it is the same as though they never existed. We must make records. We must prove what we have done, and what we can do.

Each indexed Paralegal’s Journal features 200 ruled pages that are numbered for your ease of use. The numbered pages with an index will help keep you organized and make it easy to find your important entries. To really make your brain sing, we recommend that you use tabs and update your journal’s index as necessary immediately after you have completed your morning journaling.    

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