A Look Inside the Personal Injury Journal

The indexed Personal Injury Pain Journal is now available in a larger size.

Originally created for personal injury law firm clients, this indexed journal was designed by Jamie Whitmer as a tool to potentially increase the value of Plaintiffs’ pain and suffering damages by logging and utilizing the power of specifics to help better portray the injured client as an individual instead of another set of medical records to feed into Colossus.

The injured person should mark their pain on the pain diagrams on the left side of the book and then complete the prompts on the right side of the page that include the following topics: Doctor/Facility visited today; Treatments given / tests or future treatments ordered; How are you feeling today? How did your injuries affect your job today? Did your injuries affect your household duties or family life today? Did you miss any events/social activities today because of your injuries? Did you incur any costs today that were accident related? Other notes/things to do related to the accident.

Besides the pain and suffering aspect, the indexed journals also give the injured person a tool to keep track of all their doctors and note when they finish treatment. Get your copy today!