Paralegal Services

Virtual Paralegal Services for Attorneys:

  • Draft demand letters;
  • Medical billing summary spreadsheets and medical chronologies;
  • Work with client on discovery responses and prepare electronic bates-labeled document productions with index;
  • Analyze discovery responses from your opposing counsel and create objection spreadsheets to assist with drafting complex discovery dispute letters (no spreadsheet necessary for preparing 6.4 letters in smaller cases);
  • Deposition summaries;
  • Analyze records and document productions and create/update your witness lists, case chronologies and exhibit lists, and create Hot Docs files for each witness;
  • Conduct factual research;
  • Juror and witness background research;
  • Blog posts;
  • Manage expert communications and documents sent to and from experts.
  • Prepare non-party requests for production of documents;
  • Manage electronic case files and create pending motions spreadsheet; and
  • Prepare electronic exhibits and handle your e-filing.

Specialty Freelance Trial Prep Services in the Savannah, GA area:

One of my secret superhero powers is organizing cases for trial. Nothing pleases me more than getting my hands on twenty or so random file boxes with the direction of: “We’ve got to get this case ready for trial.” I will need to come out and assess your state of affairs and discuss your needs before I can provide you with a time line and a quote.

For purposes of speculation, let’s pretend that you have just inherited a case from another law firm that you need to get organized and start working on immediately. Essentially, you need the entire case worked up from scratch, and quickly, too. The first thing you probably need is a notebook of pleadings, motions and orders, with a chart of what motions are pending and what the rulings are for the others. Then, you will most likely want to start reading depositions. While you are occupied with that, I will be reviewing records requests and making sure that we have all evidence that has been requested, and creating discovery notebooks and reviewing documents that have been produced.

I will identify items that were not produced, but should have been (by your client, and by the opposing party). I will start working on an exhibit list and organizing your exhibits. The first items on the list will be your key background documents. Following categories will be broken down by exhibits by deponent and experts. The last category will come from documents produced by the opposing party, and will be sub-divided by category of document (agreements, emails, manuals, photos, technical papers, and so forth), and organized in chronological order. When you get ready to start reviewing exhibits, you will be reading the story in order. Think about that for a second.

By preparing this way, you are not sitting in your conference room essentially reviewing a 5,000 page document dump of jumbled information, jumping from a technical manual from 2003, to a random email from earlier this year. You are reading emails and reviewing contracts in chronological order! This is the most efficient way to spend your time, and it will change your life if you have never prepared this way before. You may prefer that I organize the exhibits in hard copy or electronically for your review before we start marking exhibits and creating a final list.

We will do a final check to make sure that experts and witnesses have received all of the documents that they need to review. When was the last time your client reviewed his deposition, by the way? I can obtain subpoenas for trial, draft them and have them served with the appropriate witness fee. I can create and maintain a current list of contact information for your witnesses and key trial personnel, and arrange for your exhibits to be transported to court. I can go with you to trial and manage your exhibits.

We can tailor my paralegal services to fit your specific needs, and I can take lead or fulfill a support role to best assist your current team.

Freelance Services in the Savannah, GA and Atlanta, GA areas:

  • Assist with deposition, mediation and hearing prep in your office by assembling exhibits and notebooks according to your preference; and
  • Train your new team member on how to prep for trial.

Contact me today to discuss how I might be of service and receive a quote!

Please understand that I am prohibited by law from working with the general public on any legal matters. I only provide paralegal support to attorneys in good standing with their state bar. Queries from anyone other than an attorney to engage in legal work will not be returned.  


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