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Please understand that I am prohibited by law from working with the general public on any legal matters. I only provide paralegal support to attorneys in good standing with their state bar. Queries from anyone other than an attorney to engage in legal work will not be returned.

Judgments are investments that are made pursuant to an Assignment process. As such, these transactions do not form a legal representation of the original judgment creditor. Judgments are purchased pursuant to: O.C.G.A. § 9-12-21. Judgments transferable; status of transferee: “A person in whose favor a judgment has been entered or a person to whom a judgment has been transferred may bona fide and for a valuable consideration transfer any judgment to a third person. In all such cases the transferee of any judgment shall have the same rights and shall be subject to the same equities and to the same defenses as was the original holder of the judgment.

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