Benefits of Contract Work

As a small business owner, it does not make sense to pay for more than you want or need. You may have thought about hiring a part-time paralegal, but are still on the fence. What if I told you there was a better way? A part-time employee is probably a temporary solution to your staffing needs. By choosing to work with me, you are getting someone who is prepared to invest in a working relationship for the long haul.

By using a contractor, you can assign specific projects to me and free up your time to deal with the tasks that only you can handle. For instance, you may need some help with routine discovery tasks that can be completed virtually, or you may request that I help you in your office the day before a hearing by assembling exhibits and notebooks. You may even need daily help a month or so before your trial.

Contractors don’t get paid vacation or sick time, need insurance benefits, need you to pay employment taxes, or need you to pay for an office, a place to park, or supplies.  You know what else?  Contractors don’t get paid when business in your office is slow or when we take lunch or make a personal call.

IJD Paralegal Services, LLC. For when you just need more time to be a lawyer. Doesn’t that sound like a great new way to work?

Contract Virtual Paralegal Profit Center

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